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Moving via sea freight

As an international moving company, Reliable Moving is a specialist in household goods moving via sea freight. We take care of full packing of all items, loading and securing. Items which need special attention or disassembling will be photographed to make sure assembling will be no hassle or to make sure that the condition of the goods will be secured. Prices can vary a lot when moving by sea freight. We will always give several options of shipping to make sure that the final price suits everybody.

Price differences in sea freight are to be found in sailing frequency and use of a direct sea freight line or cheaper alternative. A cheaper alternative can be 3 to 15 days longer because this momentum through multiple ports. Choice of port of departure and/or arrival is also a determining factor for speed. The goods are already loaded in a container in Paris or it is faster and cheaper to transport them by moving truck to the port of departure and load it in the container? If one uses an exclusive container or one uses consolidation? (consolidation means that more goods of different clients together are loaded into a container and the container is sent only once it is full)

Because moving via sea freight can take up several weeks. People sometimes decide to send some personal effects via airfreight. Moving via air take up several days from door to door and can be shipped up front or at the same time that people travelling themselfs.