Moving by road

International Moving

Reliable Moving is an European international moving company. We participate in a world-wide network of leading international logistic companies. We are specialized in international household goods moving by roadsea or airfreight. We are the right partner for customers who need the best support, the fastest mode of transportation, the highest quality and creative solutions. We are all-round with more than 50 years of experience in the service industry. Together with our partners we aim to provide perfection to the highest possible level. All supported by our own network of offices, warehouses and equipment.



Our customers can be self-paying individuals or business people who have no need of mediocrity in services. For international organizations, embassies, listed companies etc. Reliable Moving has a complete answer and service package and even more important a fair advise in international moving.

Reliable Moving is a moving expert and do nothing more than worldwide moving in any kind of way. We are working for relocation companies all over the world.

Experience & perfection

The main quality factor of moving is perfect logistics. Important also is real time communications between the move coordinator, the moving family and the local moving partner. Together they work out a specific, detailed international moving plan in order to avoid any disappointments, delays or inconveniences on the part of the moving family and there employer.

Reliable Moving’s management has an average of 25 years of experience and professional recognition of the largest multinational moving companies, both at home and abroad.

Quality of service

For every move we appoint a foreman, with a minimum of 5 years of experience. He is fully aware of and trained to meet the high quality standards which our company has set.  For a move within the European Union this foreman will accompany the complete move and movers, from the place of origin to its final destination.

All-round service

Sometimes moving means saying goodbye to precious, cherished items and surroundings. To make a move as pleasant as possible Reliable Moving has expertise in moving pets, cars, boats, art, tax-free goods etc. These services are available depending on the moving contract you select.

Reliable Moving offers you a total service package, which we recommend. This package provides dealing with customs formalities, transport- and storage insurance and tax-free purchases, if requested.

Facilities & equipment

Reliable Moving has its own storage facility where household goods can be stored for any period of time. Reliable Moving also has all the necessary transport and customs permits, allowing storage of goods not yet cleared by customs.